Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on June 13, 2011

I had a tape of The Green Hornet radio serials as a little kid, so I had some affinity for the character, and when Seth Rogen was cast as Britt Reid, I was a little upset. When the trailers looked pretty terrible and the release date was pushed back several times, I just assumed it would be awful but resigned to watch it on DVD and then complain about it. But you know what? I ended up liking it.

Other than superficial similarities, this isn’t really The Green Hornet you might know from any other medium, but it turned out I was ok with it. This Green Hornet is an asshole. The only sympathetic things about him are that his father was a dick and he wants to help people. This is not one of those movies where the main character grows as a person, either, he is still an asshole at the end. And I loved that. The main character is not a hero, not an antihero, not a lovable loser, absolutely none of the stock characters you’ll see as the lead in a big budget movie. The closest I can think to a comparison is Frisky Dingo. Different sense of humor, but the characters are actually quite similar. A rich asshole hero pitted against a likable (but totally evil) villain who can’t seem to get any respect.


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