Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies, music, other nerdiness, sports by Bill on June 2, 2011

videoRandom videos:

Lots of these, because I haven’t done one in a while.

In 50 State Stereotypes in 2 Minutes, the Massachusetts one nailed me perfectly:

I guess this involved digital projection and a 3d mapping of the surface? But whatever, it’s really cool. Better quality here.

A nifty cartoon:

Time lapse video of the night sky, but with the stars fixed and the earth rotating.

The waterphone is an instrument used in several different ways to make metallic noises commonly heard in spooky scenes in movies.

The title “baseball bat fluke” covers it nicely:

The United Monster Talent Agency is funny at first (and features two people who were on the beloved (by very few) sitcom Working) but eventually gets kinda dull:


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