Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on May 19, 2011

Some new comics:

Moon Knight is not a character I’m interested at all. I’ve only read a few of the appearances of his Ultimate version, and the ~12 issues of Secret Avengers he’s been in, and I’m not terribly interested in a more insane version of Batman. But I am interested in anything involving Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. Their Daredevil run is still one of my favorite superhero runs ever, and their work on Scarlet has been solid too (Spider-Woman was not that great, but oh well). I’m told that the first issue twist was spoiled by the promotional stuff, but I never paid attention to any of it, having been sold on the first issue just from the creative team. It was an interesting enough twist, and the writing and art will keep me around to see where this is going.
Red 5 is a small comics publisher, but they’ve put out two perfectly readable series in Abyss and Neozoic, and Atomic Robo, which is basically the best thing ever, so I’m at the point where I check out whatever they publish. Moon Girl looked interesting enough, with a sort of ray guns and pinup art type of thing going on, but it was not for me at all. Neither the story, nor the dialog, nor the art did anything to make me want to read another issue.
Moving on to comics without “moon” in their titles, I checked out Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors based entirely on the title, and it didn’t disappoint. It is about a school for world conquerors. It’s also a genuinely good comic. The first issue does everything it ought to, give a bunch of exposition, introduce characters, set up conflicts, and all without being tedious. There’s a definite teen drama element, what with the villains-in-training being that age and all, but the combination of supervillainy and sort of political intrigue make it far more interesting to me than a typical who’s-dating-who high school thing.
Batman: Gates of Gotham is a new miniseries that explores some of the history of the elite families of Gotham City while also investigating a terrorist act in the present. It’s co-written by Scott Snyder who’s been killing it on Detective Comics, and the first issue was quite good. Given the number of families that have, at some point or another, been prominent in Gotham (the Waynes, Kanes, Cobblepots, Maronis, Falcones, Elliots, Bertinellis, Sironises, and Arkhams, off the top of my head), there are a lot of possibilities here.
Moriarty imagines if Sherlock Holmes had actually been killed by Professor Moriarty (here, spoiler alert for a 100 year old Holmes story). I feel like writer Daniel Corey knows his Holmes, with all kinds of little nods to various stories and characters, and taking Moriarty in an interesting but plausible direction. Not only is this a good first issue, it made me more excited about the Sherlock series returning later this year (and the first season is now available to stream on Netflix).

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