Pointless Nonsense

Posted in ladies, music, other nerdiness, tv, video games, wtf by Bill on May 4, 2011

videoRandom videos:

Fergie on Kids Incorporated (with a clown for some reason). It’s confusing.

How not to be a douche in Portal 2 co-op:

Also from Portal 2, cube tricks. These people must have wasted so much time on this:

This video from Britain’s Got Talent is completely hilarious to me. At least one positive thing has come out or crappy reality shows.

A group of pendulums makes hypnotic wave-like motion patterns.

Salvador Dali has an intense love of this chocolate:

And I’m just gonna keep posting videos of these Korean girls every time I find them, because… why not. This video has a James Bond type plot that involves a dude in a tux, which results in maybe up to a minute of footage that doesn’t involve girls in sexy outfits. So it’s like, what’s the point? Other than the 3 remaining minutes of sexy outfits.


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