Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on April 30, 2011

I first saw Boondocks Saints well after it’s original release. It had lots of violence and profanity and seemed exciting. And I heard they were working on a sequel and I was looking forward to it. But for some reason the thrill of the original faded and watching it again a year later, I found it to be fairly boring. I stopped giving a crap about the sequel entirely. But now, well after it came out, I figured I’d finally get around to watching Boondock Saints II.

The sequel is mostly a rehashing of the original, but with some cliches thrown in. The saints have retired from vigilantism and now live on a farm with beards, but the son of the bad guy from the first one won’t let them live in peace, so they shave the beards and come back to kick ass. The saints’ lackey, the regular cops, and the mafia guys other than the leader are all idiot fuckups. We never see the saints’ killings happen, we see the cops screw up and then the FBI agent (now Julie Benz with a bad southern accent* and looking worse than she’s ever looked) arrives on the scene and tells them exactly what happened at which point we flash back and see the killing. Repeat several times. Then il duce shows up for the end, which involves a series of shots of people shooting guns that lasts so long it’s numbing.

* – She mocks the Boston cops for their accents, correcting their pronunciation by emphasizing the “r” at the end of a particular word. But she speaks in a Scarlett O’Hara kind of southern accent which drops r’s just like a Boston accent.


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