Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 18, 2011

The X-Men anime thing is online, which I watched despite my general distaste for anime because I have generally enjoyed X-Men cartoons. The first five minutes can be summed up with “Jean!” “Scott!” “Jean! Aaaahhh!” (I guess the same dialogue in a different tone could be a sex scene, but this was a death scene). Wolverine is less an anti-hero and more a violent asshole, Storm is a walking pair of breasts (with, in classic anime style, the voice of a 14 year old), Cyclops is totally emo, and for some reason they removed one of the most crucial (to me) part of the X-Men story: people seem to think mutants are pretty cool. Storm saves a cruise ship from pirates, revealing herself to be a mutant in the process, which should result in some of the crowd being all “she’s a filthy mutie!” but everyone on the ship was all “You’re in the x-men? That’s awesome!” If they’re not a persecuted minority, they’re just awesome people with powers, which makes the X-Men the same as every other superhero team, except with a more frustratingly complicated backstory.


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