Pointless Nonsense

Posted in ladies, sports by Bill on April 11, 2011

This list of The 100 hottest action pictures from sports has two problems with it: it’s in a horrible one-pic-at-a-time slideshow format (it does use javascript to load the next image (and ad) without having to reload the whole page, so it could be worse), and probably 15 of the pictures are either posed or are of racing people (either drivers or F1 pit girls) standing around which can hardly be considered action. I don’t know why those things bother me so much, since I have no problem with posed pictures generally, but if you’re going to pick a specific theme, stick to it!

Still, I went all the way up to #1 (Alison Stokke, obviously) because… I do that for just about every list that involves “hottest” and isn’t about dudes or temperature. Plus I hadn’t seen this table tennis girl in a while. If I’m remembering correctly, it turns out this is a miracle picture and she’s not as attractive as she seems here, but I’m not going to re-check, because I like that picture.


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