Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 9, 2011

Breaking In is Fox’s new comedy about a Jeremy-Piven-in-PCU type kid (Sam from Reaper) blackmailed (by Christian Slater) into joining Sneakers-like team that gets hired to break into places to test their security. The pilot was clever, fast paced, full of jokes and characters that worked, had a hot girl*, and the show is doomed to be canceled. Christian Slater is on his third show in three years, Bret Harrison’s past two lead roles (Reaper and The Loop) have limped to second seasons and died horrible deaths (plus he joined V just in time for it to presumably get the axe), and it’s on Fox. The cancellation mojo is coming at the show from all directions, it can’t be stopped. But I’m totally watching until it happens.

* – Odette Yustman had a super memorable name, why did she have to use her married name professionally? Odette Annable is not going to click for me for a while.


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