Pointless Nonsense

Posted in ladies, movies, other nerdiness, sports by Bill on April 5, 2011

videoRandom videos:

This is easily the best of the SMBC Theater things, if only because it’s a straightforward, quality joke and does not rely on their generally iffy acting:

So Erin Richards appeared on the last few episodes of Being Human, and I thought she was hot, but her filmography is pretty sparse. But I checked on youtube and apparently she has been a Welsh TV host for a while. What stood out in this video (besides her being hot and kind of a spaz (which seems to be a requirement to do this kind of TV hosting)) is that I don’t think I’d ever heard Welsh spoken aloud before, and it totally sounds like Elvish from Lord of the Rings:

Motorcycle crashes are cool, but motorcycle crashes that result in unintentional ghost riding are even cooler:

This would be a lot better if they removed the first 20 seconds or so, but it’s still a nice unintentional goal:

A cop in Canada apparently told a group of college students that to avoid being raped they shouldn’t dress like sluts. So that pissed off some women who organized a “slut walk,” where they’d dress up like sluts and march. Unfortunately, the results are not as hot as you’d hope (or at least the news coverage is not as hot as you’d hope):


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