Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on April 2, 2011
Caligula is a new comic from the publisher and writer of the 2nd volume of Crossed. I know nothing about Caligula except that there’s a notoriously porn-like movie called that and he hid something in his rectum in a Venture Bros. episode. But considering the little I know of the character and of the publisher/writer, I expected to be pretty horrific (content, not quality) and it was. It was just barely an introduction, but since I am weirdly fond of horrible things happening in fiction, I will likely keep reading it.
Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker is a crazy comic. The main character is a superhero who is the combination of an aging Captain America, the Comedian from Watchmen, and Brock Samson. We first meet him in a pile of naked women. Much of the comic consists of him banging hot naked women while Jay Leno and Dick Cheney try to convince him to come out of retirement to help his country. There are also some asides where he drives a truck and evades the law Smokey and the Bandit-style, or where he saves the president of reality from a bomb. I can’t imagine how this is supposed to fill up a whole series, because… there’s not a ton of plot, it’s just sort of throwing out hyper-masculine stuff for this guy to do. But it’s certainly not boring, and I liked it a lot.
So Detective Comics had been having backup stories where Commissioner Gordon’s son returned, and issue #875 brought that to the forefront. People had been raving about Scott Snyder since he took over writing Detective, but I didn’t love the first arc. This one, though, was great. One of the best Commissioner Gordon issues I remember.With a Harvey Bullock intro, it then bounced back and forth between two stories: Gordon chasing a suspect in a long unsolved murder, and flashing back to an incident when James was a little kid.

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