Pointless Nonsense

Posted in music, other nerdiness, tv, wtf by Bill on April 1, 2011

videoRandom videos:

The internet sucks today. To do my little bit to fight against the shit, here’s the best video I’ve seen in a while:

One step closer to the singularity with quadrocopters that can juggle ping pong balls:

High quality local news goof:

I hate Olivia Munn, but there are two wonderful things about this video, ruined by the end:

Early on, both the video and the lyrics capture that idiotic impulse that I and many others have of “hey look it’s a girl working somewhere I frequent, and even though being nice to me is kind of a requirement of her employment, she must be into me, right?” And then when she tries to sell the guy the membership card that is obviously a scam, I was really digging this. But in the end they leave the store together all happy and holding hands, thereby ruining everything I liked about it.

Yupps and nopes from Archer:

I don’t give a damn about what this guy is saying, but his accent is really cool:


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