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Posted in movies, music, sports, video games, wtf by Bill on March 15, 2011

videoRandom videos:

This is a little bit too like something from NPR for me, but holy shit it’s clever:

Speaking of something clever, this is kinda right up Geebs’ alley (I suggest turning on closed captioning):

Pretty simple joke, but the editing of when the background music comes in and out is what sells it for me:

This is probably old news to GTA aficionados, but apparently you can play with the friction and gravity settings:

Bill James, the math nerd who normally spends his time thinking about baseball, has a formula for determining when a basketball game is basically over. I heard him say in an interview that he’d never (or possibly only once) seen a game that disproved this formula, but UVa was actually 100% to win here:

I forget where I saw this, but what makes it work are the high quality production values:

Silly, but sometimes the sound effects just match up perfectly:

Excellent collision:


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  1. joseph said, on March 16, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Your Miami-UVA clip made me go into, as Charlie would call it, Ph.D. mode. You CANNOT use in-sample data to build up a forecasting model that will be accurate all the time with out-of-sample data. To build such a model, you cannot resort to data analysis, but rather you have to develop a fundamental theory for forecasting. Not that data analysis is bad (it’s great), it’s great for understanding the existing data better, but you have to be careful about extrapolating to out-of-sample forecasts. But everyone forgets that, and that is why financial markets (or funds) blow up every once in a while

    • Bill said, on March 16, 2011 at 10:40 am

      Not exactly something Bill James did at all seriously, just for fun, but I get what you mean. In non-PhD speak, that would just mean “you can’t assume everything will be like it always has been,” right?

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