Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on March 5, 2011

Comics, three new and one old.

Carbon Grey almost feels like it cam directly from the mind of Geebs. The cover features a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead, they have guns, and they’re sisters. By the second page, there are zeppelins. Everything seems to be designed to look stylishly lethal. They keep mentioning the Kaiser and they have those helmets with the spikes on the top, but there’s occasionally something that clearly looks more Nazi than German Empire. There are soldiers that look sort of like a mix between a gas masked WWI soldier and Darth Vader. The guns generally look modern, but occasionally are some kind of weird impractical fantasy knife/gun hybrid. The only thing it’s missing for the full-on Geebs effect is them being 16 and lezzing out (but maybe they’re saving that for issue #2). Also, it’s missing a comprehensible plot and decent dialogue. I really have no idea what’s going on. The pictures are lovely, though.
The Mission is a new series written by the guys who did the screenplay for Red. It has one of those “you thought everything was normal, but one day you’re thrown into the action of the secret goings on” beginnings like The Matrix or Wanted, but with a happy family man protagonist instead of an unhappy office drone. The first issue is very, very generic. So much so that I might not bother with #2.
The Intrepids has a cyborg bear on the cover and talk of mad scientists, so it sounded like something I would really enjoy. But inside, yes, there was mad science and that bear, but there wasn’t the sense of fun I’d have hoped for. It almost made cyborg bears seem like serious business. I wanted to like this, but alas, I did not.
Kane is a self-published comic by Paul Grist from the mid-90s. It’s a black and white story of one of the best cops in an otherwise generally corrupt police department. He has a rookie partner and everyone warns her that Kane won’t watch her back. There are several other cliches at play too. But I’m enjoying it anyway, because I do so like the cops and crime and corruption stuff. My only complaints are with the art. Grist has a generally nice cartoonish style, and he does a great job laying out the story in panels (sometimes with several wordless pages that play out really nicely), but I have two problems with it. First, and I have this problem so often with b&w comics, I’m constantly confusing the characters. Second, he draws the men with really broad shoulders, which is fine, but he draws women with even broader shoulders. Kane’s partner is built like a linebacker, but with thin, lady-like legs. It’s odd. But as I said, I like this. If Jack Staff, also by Grist, is in color, I’m definitely reading it. But in black and white I’ll probably still give it a shot.

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