Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on February 26, 2011

All-Star Superman is yet another animated direct-to-DVD movie based on the popular and critically acclaimed comic of the same name. Strangely, this was released the same week Dwayne McDuffie, who wrote the adaptation, died. I’m not a big fan of the comic, just because it is steeped in aspects of Superman that I don’t care for: mainly Silver Age wackiness. Superpower potions and tiny Supermen shooting out of hands and Bizarro and all that stuff.

It’s a pretty faithful adaptation of certain parts of the comic (a lot of it had to be cut, or the movie would run 3 hours), which is to say it was ok but not my style at all. The animation was a little Japanese-looking, most of the voice cast was good, but James Denton‘s Superman felt a little off to me. I liked Christina Hendricks’ Lois, and Linda Cardellini was an odd but excellent choice for the Geebs-fantasy character of Lex’s 16 year old niece Nasthalthia. One change I noticed (I think, it’s been a while) was an epilogue type scene at the end that I don’t think was in the comic, and I actually liked it quite a bit.


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