Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 10, 2011

Mr. Sunshine is theoretically a comedy that stars Matthew Perry as the kind-of-an-asshole manager of a San Diego (I think) sports arena. But comedies are supposed to be funny. I really wanted to like this, because I don’t mind Matthew Perry at all, it doesn’t have a laugh track, I like Allison Janney and Mike from Las Vegas, and Linda from Better Off Ted is hot (I think it’s a similar appeal to Lauren Graham, neither is super physically attractive as far as actresses go, but there’s something about them that I really like). And it even had Hurley briefly. But alas, there was one funny moment in 30 minutes, which is really weak. Apparently, despite all the promotion and everything, it lost a big chunk of Modern Family‘s ratings in its premiere, and things will go south from there, so I’m guessing it won’t last past this season.

Still, this will be on instead of Cougar Town for a while (plus apparently Human Target‘s episode last night was the season finale), so that puts a 30 minute hole in my Wednesday night viewing (and I already wasn’t watching anything from 8-9). Though Thursday is still pretty packed, being quicker than usual to drop shows like V, Nikita, and Blue Bloods has made this a much more relaxing February than normal. I have an hour or less of conflicts almost every night of the week.


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