Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 9, 2011

Traffic Light is a new Fox comedy (taking Running Wilde‘s spot after Raising Hope) that’s pretty generic but not entirely unwatchable. It stars Roy from The Office*, the IT guy from The Office**, and Ivy from Dollhouse***. Also two other people I don’t really know: her and him.

Apparently the show was at one point called “Mixed Signals,” which makes more sense as a title, but whatever. Roy and Ivy are married, IT guy and his girlfriend just moved in together, and guy-I-don’t-know is perpetually single. It’s decidedly from the male perspective, so most of the jokes are about how women ruin everything. But still, in classic TV comedy style, the women are still smarter than the men.

From the pilot, it’s not funny enough to ever care about, but it’s good enough to fill the half-hour gap between Raising Hope and whatever’s on at 10.

* – Who I just discovered is not Opie from Sons of Anarchy. That would be this guy. I feel like a moron. I’ve seriously watched that show for three years under the impression that it was Roy. Swear to god, if Roy grew his hair long and had a beard (and maybe was a bit taller), he would be that guy.

** – The American one, not this IT guy from the British one.

*** – I had nothing to add here, I just figured Liza Lapira would feel left out if she got no asterisks.


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