Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 8, 2011

The Chicago Code is another police drama centered around city corruption from the creator of The Shield. It’s a cop drama and not a police procedural, so it’s not just “someone gets murdered, case closed 44 minutes later.” It centers around the new superintendent of the Chicago police (Jennifer Beals*), who’s determined to use her position to fight corruption in the city, particularly city alderman Delroy Lindo. She recruits this guy, her former partner and a hard-nosed (and big-foreheaded) detective who fits all the hard-nosed detective stereotypes except he doesn’t like cursing and (so far) doesn’t have a drinking problem, to help her take down Delroy Lindo. Luke from FNL, the local cop from In Plain Sight, and this hot girl also appear.

It definitely has a Shield/Wire flavor to it, but being on network tv, the good guys are more good, the bad guys are more evil, and everyone’s better looking. I’m perfectly fine with enhottening the cast, but I definitely prefer more shades of gray. Still, I guess that’s how you attract a broader audience. And even without the moral uncertainty I prefer, it was still a good pilot, and I’m definitely in for more.

* – Somehow still hot at 47, but her Chicago accent makes her less hot


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