Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 29, 2011

Sherlock is the BBC’s modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes, starring Martin Freeman and some guy named Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes. He obviously brings experience of having a weird name to the role of a guy named Sherlock.

Their take on Holmes is as a “high-functioning sociopath” who has virtually no interest in helping people or anything altruistic, he’s just interested in the challenge and in staving off boredom. There’s also an odd Batman-ish twist on (minor spoiler alert, but like they wouldn’t do it anyway) their version of Moriarty.

The series (so far, a second season is in the works) consists of three 90-minute episodes. I absolutely loved the first, the second was fairly disappointing but still good, and the third was somewhere in between. I remember when I heard Martin Freeman might not play Bilbo in The Hobbit because of scheduling conflicts with Sherlock and thinking “whatever, just buy him out of that contract and they can recast,” but now I’m incredibly pleased that he’s doing both.


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