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Posted in comics by Bill on January 23, 2011

Some new-ish comics:

Infinite Vacation by Nick Spencer (Morning Glories) and Christian Ward is about a future where you can pay for the ability to live as your alternate self in one of the infinite alternate universes. I’m unclear on the mechanics of this (do you co-exist with the normal you of that universe or do you swap? if you swap, does the other you have to agree to it? and sometimes it appears that the change is permanent, while other times it seems to be a thing where you try out a different life for a while), but the idea is kind of fascinating. But I was kind of annoyed by the tired device used in almost every science fiction thing centered around a crazy technology, where there’s a group of rebel luddites who refuse to embrace this new thing because it’s not how we were meant to live. I’m fascinated enough with the idea, and the book is interestingly designed and stuff, so I’ll definitely keep reading.
Daredevil Reborn follows Matt Murdock after the somewhat disappointing conclusion of Shadowland. The concept so far is extremely reminiscent of a Frank Miller issue, which appears to be #219 – Badlands, where Matt wanders into a corrupt small town and despite not wanting to get involved, kicks some ass or something (I haven’t read it in a while). Still, I liked the first issue of Reborn better than any of Andy Diggle’s other Daredevil work to date, so that’s good. Plus, that’s a pretty sweet cover.
Memoir is about a town where everyone has lost their memory, and we’re given the impression something terrible happened that no one can remember. Given the fancy John Cassaday cover, I was not expecting indie-looking black and white art on the inside, but Nikki Cook has a style that, while I wouldn’t call it attractive exactly, is clear (which is important for b&w comics, since you don’t have hair and eye color to tell characters apart). It has sort of a Twin Peaks feel to it, with an outsider venturing into a weird town full of weird people and trying to figure out what’s going on. I never watched Twin Peaks, but it’s only a 6 issue miniseries, so I may as well stick around to the end.

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  1. Pointless Nonsense said, on April 30, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    […] goes to a planet where the people suffered mass amnesia, just like the comic Memoir. The first guy they meet is Randy Disher, which is kinda weird. They did shoot the Monk pilot in […]

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