Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 21, 2011

Fairly Legal is yet another USA show with the same feel as Covert Affairs or In Plain Sight. USA’s lady characters kick ass at their jobs, but boy is it stressful, and their family life and men make life that much more stressful. It’s not just USA, really, that’s very frequently how they’re portrayed in romantic comedies and other TV shows. But getting past that, it was a pretty solid pilot. Sarah Shahi plays a mediator whose father just died and her (hot) stepmother just took over the family firm. She also is sleeping with her ex husband (Anders from Battlestar Galactica) and has a brother (Ethan Embry) who seemed boring but I assume will have some importance later. It had a lot going on, and kind of used the idea that she was constantly running from one thing to the next to keep things interesting and seem relatable. The mediator concept lets them do the whole procedural thing without getting stuck having to do what’s legal, and they get to invent creative solutions to problems that make Sarah Shahi seem clever.

Sarah Shahi is sometimes required to go to court (with Major Dad as a judge… nice to see him get work so quickly after Undercovers), and one thing I noticed as odd — not that I’m complaining, really — is that she dresses in a manner that I would not consider court appropriate. The cleavage was generally kept under control, but she wore some really tight skirts (hulu capture, so forgive the poor quality). It’s pretty nice for the gentleman viewer (and presumably for certain lady viewers), but I’ve always thought of judges being pretty particular about attire and propriety.


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