Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 18, 2011

Harry’s Law is David E. Kelly’s 9th-ish lawyer show. Kathy Bates is a patent lawyer in Cincinnati who gets bored with her job, slacks off, and is fired. She decides to buy a failed shoe store in a crappy neighborhood and starts taking criminal cases. Nate Corddry plays another patent lawyer who hits her with his car and feels bad/respects her, so he quits his fancy job and becomes her associate. Brittany Snow is her assistant (I missed exactly how that started or if she was just the assistant all along and followed her to her new place) who also is selling the remaining shoe inventory left by the previous owner.

Now, what immediately struck me as ridiculous was the portrayal of the shitty neighborhood she moves into. There are several comments before they show it along the lines of “she’s’ going to work there?” with shocked expressions. Once she moves there, a protection racket arrives and is all “Cincinnati PD doesn’t respond quickly to this neighborhood.” Now, a fancy shoe store used to be in the building she moves into, and they left a lot of their fancy shoes behind (Prada, other designer names that I have heard of but can’t remember/spell). If it was truly that terrible of a neighborhood, wouldn’t those have already been stolen? Then they actually show the neighborhood on Nate Corddry’s first day. It was pretty unintentionally hilarious. First, I’m fairly certain I’ve seen this neighborhood on TV. I think it’s built on a studio lot in Hollywood to resemble New York. Second, they made it appear to be a shitty neighborhood by having a lovely street with clean looking buildings and nice trees, but added a couple of dumpsters visible, one homeless guy, and these girls.* They don’t have any lines, but it’s made clear that they’re supposed to be hookers. I haven’t been to Cincinnati, but I’ve yet to find a city in America where the shitty neighborhoods have unquestionably hot white and Asian (I think) hookers working the street corners. Or any place in America where they have hot white and Asian hookers on the street corners. If anyone knows of such a place, do let me know.

Anyway, the show was better than that Jimmy Smits lawyer show, because it at least had a couple amusing parts, but it was still some kind of ridiculous liberal fantasy. The show is basically about white people move into a poor neighborhood and use their special powers to help minorities out, despite every other white person on earth conspiring to keep them down.

* – I kind of regret going on to hulu to grab that screenshot, since that ever-so-slightly decreases the odds of this crappy show being immediately cancelled, but I feel I would be doing a disservice to the few people that read this by talking about an unnamed hot chick without providing photographic evidence.


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