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Posted in advertising, movies, tv by Bill on July 27, 2010

videoRandom videos:

Jane Austen’s Fight Club is everywhere, and somewhat self explanatory:

This guy is such a douche, and should not be allowed into Comic Con again. Of course, by embedding this here, I’m just adding to his views (by huge amounts, I’m sure), rewarding his awful behavior. I have to assume if he didn’t have a camera and microphone, he would’ve been slapped at least a few times.

I watched the first hour The Pillars of the Earth, and I will not be watching anymore, but I liked the credits a lot:

This is a pretty badass penalty kick. I could only tell something was odd on the first time through, the true coolness of it was only apparent on the replay:

Warren Ellis wrote the stories (but not scripts) for this whole Marvel Anime thing, here’s the trailer for Iron Man:

I’ll give it a shot, but Ellis not writing the scripts, anime voice actors, etc, might make me hate it (he did, however mention this project, a web series co-written with Joss Whedon that’s on the back burner until after The Avengers, which sounds fantastic).

And this isn’t a video or anything, but I’m just watching The Daily Show now… I’m fascinated by these Toshiba commercials I’ve been getting on the website lately. Mostly because it’s an overdressed hot girl just talking about how awesome Toshiba laptops are (click for larger).


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  1. geebs said, on July 27, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Toshiba Girl looks pretty cute. And familiar! Any idear who she is?

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