Pointless Nonsense

Posted in internet, ladies, stand-up, video games by Bill on September 17, 2009

videoRandom videos:

An interviewer puts Megan Fox in her place:

So I’ve seen these ads for the video game Wet, which looks quite terrible.

But is it me, or are those ads trying to rip off Machete (nsfw)? Like really nsfw, I don’t get how youtube hasn’t removed it.

I’ve mentioned quality music videos to watch muted before, and here’s one from Natalie Imbruglia (who I honestly thought wouldn’t be hot anymore, but she totally is):

Russian roulette is a rich comedy area:

The guy who did that Dr. Doom standup routine is back with a Gallagher riff that gets old fairly quickly. Once you get bored, skip ahead to about 6:30 for the last decent part.

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