Pointless Nonsense

Posted in comics by Bill on September 5, 2009

theproGarth Ennis is often as entertaining a comics writer as there is, but I’ve found that he tends to repeat himself.  The relationship between Arseface and his father in Preacher is pretty much identical to the one between Nick Fury and his ward in Fury MAX. And he tends to cover the same themes a lot. So having read The Boys for a while, I was worried that The Pro would cover the same ground. And it does, but that’s mostly ok.

Written by Ennis with art by Amanda Conner, The Pro kicks off with a parody of The Watcher making a bet with another alien that any human has the potential to be a hero. To settle the wager, he gives superpowers to a foul-mouthed, chain smoking prostitute. She joins up with a Justice League-type group, and horrifies them with her antics, foul language, and non-traditional sense of superhero morality. A bunch of jokes from The Boys apparently showed up here first (they force a ridiculously skimpy costume on her, the Batman character is a pedophile, etc). But it was still entertaining, if only for a fairly obvious but high quality Superman joke, and the amusing Green Lantern character.


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